Why Canadian Ginseng is Best

Canada is a global leader in ginseng exports, with 90% of ginseng produced being exported. Ontario is currently the largest producer in the world of Canadian ginseng.

Canada’s reputation for natural beauty and delicious maple syrup is well-established, but did you know it also leads the world in the production of a highly prized medicinal root? That’s right, Canada – specifically southwestern Ontario – is the global frontrunner in cultivating top-quality Panax quinquefolius, better known as Canadian or North American ginseng.

We are proud to say that ginseng grown in our fertile soil is far superior quality than ginseng grown elsewhere, and here are a few reasons why:

Canadian Ginseng Has a Legacy of Excellence

  • Native Treasure: Panax quinquefolius is native to Canada. The climate, clean air and water, and fertile soils of Ontario create the ideal environment for ginseng to thrive. These unique growing conditions, or terroir, produce a ginseng root with distinct flavours and medicinal qualities impossible to replicate elsewhere.
  • Rooted in Tradition: Ginseng has been integral to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indigenous medicine for centuries, valued for its wide-ranging health benefits. Canadian ginseng takes the spotlight due to its incredible potency, considered by the majority of people to be the most potent and powerful of all ginseng varieties, closely mimicking all the sought-after properties of wild ginseng.
  • Consistency is Key: The small geographical area of production and a focus on advanced growing practices – from planting to processing – ensure unmatched consistency in the flavour, quality, and medicinal value of Canadian ginseng. Canadian ginseng growers are also able to consistently produce large yields year after year, making our Panax quinquefolius a highly reliable source.
  • Global Market Dominance: A staggering 90% of Canada’s ginseng is exported around the world, demonstrating its worldwide appeal and status as the preferred variety.

The Science Behind Canadian Ginseng’s Potency

Ginseng’s remarkable health benefits stem from powerful bioactive compounds called ginsenosides. Canadian ginseng boasts an extraordinarily high concentration of these compounds – and the key lies in its ratio of specific types of ginsenosides:

  • Rb1 – The Calming Force: This ginsenoside is known for its relaxing and potentially fatigue-reducing properties.
  • Rg1 – The Energy Booster: This ginsenoside may have stimulating qualities, potentially improving cognitive function and energy levels.

Canadian ginseng offers a superior ratio of Rb1 to Rg1 ginsenosides, approximately 55% of the ginsenoside content of Canadian ginseng is Rb1. This ratio creates a balanced and potent effect that sets it apart from Asian ginseng varieties.

The Health Benefits of Canadian Ginseng

While traditional use provides strong evidence for the benefits of ginseng, a growing body of scientific research supports its potential in:

  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Supporting cardiovascular health
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Increasing cognitive function and energy levels
  • Raising Chi (a term meaning energy flow in Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties

Canadian ginseng has long been revered as the miracle “man-root” by both Asian cultures and the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and is believed to be good for every part of the body, spirit, and mind.

Look for Authentic Canadian Ginseng and Experience the Difference

In a market inundated with ginseng products of varying quality, authenticity is key! If you’ve tried ginseng and seen no results, you may be taking a low-quality ginseng supplement in too small doses.

At the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association (OGGA), we’re passionate about educating consumers about high-quality, North American ginseng. Visit our website to learn more about this amazing plant—including some recipe ideas for adding ginseng into your daily routine!—or reach out to learn more about how you can get involved.